Gdańsk, 24th February 2024

About the conference

The Faculty of History at the University of Gdansk (Poland), in collaboration with the Department of Computer Systems and Technologies at Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics (Ukraine), have the honour to announce the academic hybrid (on-site + online) conference, “Games of War,” scheduled for the 24th of February 2024. This conference is dedicated to exploring the intricate narratives and historical reflections in Ukrainian video games that respond to the Russian 2014/2022 invasion of Ukraine.

On the 24th of February – a date forever tied to the tragic event of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine – “Games of War” seeks to delve into the multifaceted reflections of tragedy and heroism within video games as digital artifacts. This timely endeavor aims to foster a deeper understanding of how interactive media serves as a lens through which historic events are portrayed and interpreted. The conference provides a platform for researchers, scholars, and game developers to engage in profound discussions around the intersection of history, conflict, and digital storytelling.

The language of the conference is English.

No conference fees. Participation is free.


Information on Ukrainian games about the Russian invasion can be found here:

  • Video from the Digital Dragons Conference (15-16 May 2023) by Dr. Yaraslau Kot: Games of War – Games that were born from flames of Russian aggression
  • Presentation (PDF) from Dr. Y. Kot’s  Lecture at the University of Gdansk on 1st December 2023: Link
  • Article from DOU.UA (2022) covering 15 games about the invasion: Link
  • Article from The Guardian (2022) on games about the invasion: Link
  • Article from (2022) overviewing several games about the invasion: Link
  • Article from Mezha.Media (2023) overviewing games developed in Ukraine during the full-scale war: Link


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