Call for papers

Abstracts of 400-600 words with key bibliographical references and author’s academic bio should be sent via the Conference Submission Form by January the 28th. The conference talk should be about 20 minutes. After the event, conference speakers as well as the international audience will be invited to submit papers to a “Games of War” special issue of the European Historical Game Studies journal.  

Possible approaches to the topic include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Historical Representation: Analyze how video games portray the events and consequences of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine. Evaluate the accuracy and nuances of historical depictions within gaming narratives.
  • Narrative and Metaphorical Content: Examine storytelling techniques employed in games to convey the emotions of war and conflict. Discuss how game developers balance historical accuracy with creative storytelling.
  • Player Experience: Investigate the impact of playing war-themed games on the perceptions and attitudes of players. Consider the role of empathy and immersion in shaping players’ understanding of historic/al events.
  • Ethical Considerations: Examine ethical dilemmas presented in games that tackle sensitive geopolitical issues. Discuss the responsibilities of game developers in handling real-world conflicts within their creations.
  • Educational Potential: Explore the educational value of war-themed games in conveying historical and geopolitical lessons. Discuss the role of gaming in fostering critical thinking and historical awareness among players.

We also welcome nonacademic presentations from game developers involved in the creation of games-of-war. Please contact us at about the details.

Important dates

  • 28th January 2024 - abstract submission deadline
  • 6th February 2024 - notification of acceptance
  • 24th February 2024 - conference date